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We grow good projects
The hotel complex in the framework of the Don Gulf&Country club project.
We grow good projects
The country-house in Rostov region
We grow good projects
Interior of Elis-shop in Rostov-on-Don
We grow good projects
Hotel complex in Rogozhkino
We grow good projects
Interior project of the dry-cleaners offices in the Moscow Region
We grow good projects
Apartment on Veresaev Street in Rostov-on-Don
We grow good projects
Project of the private residential house in Rostov-on-Don

We specialize on the comfortable space for life. The house which will be yours by all parameters.

About the studio
The architectural studio CHADO applies combining activities in implementing projects. With the participation of high-level specialists from the most different areas of construction, we specially act out of the box.
The non-standard solution of standard problems guarantees exclusiveness of a project. The company has got under its belt dozens of completed projects.
“I should like to liquidate, as it were, the spectacle complex, which could harden certain values of poetic contemplation.”
Gaston Bachelard


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The science and art at the same time. The human being as the creator changes the space around him, the creation power devoted to convenience, comfort, and aesthetics.
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The interior
The background for life. The essence and sense of any building. The interior created by CHADO demonstrates an ideal compatibility with the owner's character.
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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the environment. CHADO philosophy suggests a harmonious combination between an object and landscape surrounding it. In this context, the landscape is the most important part of an integral composition.
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Many efforts should be made to make the right project become ideal home. When ideas take shape and baseness, the mission can be considered completed.