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The planning of tourist territory and hotels chain development in Sardinia Island

About the project

team members

The project in Sardinia includes architectural design, urbanistic decisions, exterior redesign and design of hotel and apartments interiors in different parts of the island. We created a territory development plan for the tourist coastal city Nebida. This plan includes hotels and public spaces – walking paths, panoramic swimming pools, a tourist railroad and a kindergarten. For the building of objects in Sardinia, we are planning to use local natural materials – basalt, wood, and for interiors – we want to decorate them in light colours: this will combine architecture and design with the Mediterranean landscape.

2016 г.
commissioning of the project
60 ha
object area
room division


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Team members

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner/architect

Oleg Pigulevsky

founding partner/interior designer

Anastasia Kostandi

interior designer

Liya Mamina

interior designer

Denis Daragan


Anna Lubimova

interior designer