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Interior of the multifunctional office in Rostov-on-Don

About the project

team member

There are several companies in the office managed by the same direction. That’s why, in different areas of the interior, although connected by a common idea, accents are differently placed. As the basis of the style we chose minimalism: simple and clean lines, tranquil natural colours, minimum of accessories, focus on expressive textures – wood, marble, metal and glass. This style is a perfect match for the working atmosphere of the law firm. In the office of the tourist company clear lines and colors are softened by a moderate amount of bright details: turquoise doors, lamps and shelves, sofas in the waiting area, upholstered in exotic leather, set up thoughts on travel. An important element of the interior is a well-planned architectural light that creates comfortable conditions for efficient work.

2013 г.
commissioning of the project
240 m²
object area

Team members

Oleg Pigulevsky

founding partner/interior designer