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Hotel complex in Rogozhkino

About the project

The project was jointly developed with Murat Tsaloev
Architecture: Architectural studio Chado
Interior: Murat Tsaloev

Situated on the bank of the Don River, the hotel complex includes two development lines. The restaurant and villas are located on the first one. Hotel unit designed for 12 rooms on the second. Also, there are a spa–zone, a parking, a house for staff, and a parking for yachts in the territory of the complex. Because the complex is located in the area, where floodings are possible, we faced with lifting all buildings to the point 4.2 (in a Baltic Sea level). The powerful stone pylons, holding the buildings from laminated board were designed for this purpose. The design of the complex reveals a constructional skeleton of the building, making it the main aesthetic solution. All the roofing and the outside walls are covered with wooden roof tile (shingle).

2015 г.
commissioning of the project
5600 m²
object area