architectural studio



Architectural studio Chado practice complex approach to the project realization. Our work includes the wide spectrum of professional services, which includes such tasks as an architectural projection of living and public building, landscape design and organizational process planning. Uniting specialists of high level from different spheres of engineering, we consciously avoid rubber stamps.
The non-typical decision of standard tasks guarantees exclusivity of the project. While years of experience and practice, projecting and controlling the realization of our projects, we have got valuable experience and were able to enter the world level. Nowadays Chado realizes projects worldwide, in this moment the projects in Montenegro, Russia, Italy and Latvia are on the go.


Evgeny Zadorozhniy
head of the studio
Oleg Pigulevsky
head of the studio
Carolina Sholokhov
chief architect
Denis Daragan
Marina Mosiyachenko
Anna Drevinskaya
Anna Kochergina
Danil Zhuravlov
trainee architect
Liya Mamina
interior designer
Anastasia Kostandi
interior designer
Ekaterina Ivashchenko
interior designer
Evgenia Sokolova
interior designer
Olesia Zadorozhnaia
project manager
Yana Chekunova
pr - manager