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The house in Novosibirsk

About the project

team members

The house is located in the forested area of Novosibirsk – the idea of unity with nature has become the basis of the architecture. The inside space of the house interacts with the green environment by the means of the large panoramic windows and terraces; the main façade of the house looks on the courtyard. Natural materials emphasize the simplicity and honesty of the architecture: the massive first floor is coated with light-toned bricks, the less massive second floor is built of warm-toned wood. The heavy gable roof, coated with rebate, completes the design.

the year of project development: 2015

status: schematic design

200 m²
object area

Team members

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect

Carolina Sholokhov

project leader / senior architect