The Synergy between a building and the nature contest by Nature Interpretation Centre

In each decision of the architect there should be a natural motivation, and only then a human – only following this principle, the architect can achieve synergy between the building and the environment: both sides will benefit. The project demonstrates how architecture can become a tool for the rehabilitation and development of the forest flora. Studies show that plants grow better in the lowlands of the hills, where a lot of moisture accumulates. Besides, plants are protected from the wind by a natural barrier. That’s why we chose such a place for the project – a small ravine between two hills. Here we propose to build a powerful wall to protect the future forest from the wind. Above the forest we suggest to construct a massive building – a platform that will collect water, sprinkle it over the trees and retain evaporating moisture: thus the humidity in the forest will increase. The holes in the building are located in such a way so that the sunshine will fall on the plants no more than 1,5 hours a day – thus they will get the ideal amount of sunshine for normal growing. Favorable conditions for plant growth will help to increase the population of animals in the forest, thus to make another small, but important step towards a harmonious life for nature and people in the future.


Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect