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The private house in Jurmala, Latvia.

About the project

The house is located on 18 hundred square meters, where grow the century-old pines, which had influenced a lot of on landing and configuration of the future house. The main façade “looks” to the South, what is especially needed considering the local climate. The volume of the house is divided into two parts by the height. The part with bigger height includes the living room, kitchen, dining-room and parents’ bedroom. The part with smaller height includes children’s bedroom, guest bedroom, and other support areas. The courtyard is integrated into the body of volume, which separates the public area of the living room from bedrooms. The left and right parts of the building, where the bedrooms are situated, are the monumental volumes. The central public part is awarded by dynamic of console roofing overhang and vertical of the stone tube. The roofing, cast from exposed concrete, which saves the perception of the powerful stone slab. The bearing carcass of the wall also is made from the same concrete, which is lined with natural stone.

2017 г.
commissioning of the project
371 m²
object area