The restaurant Mövenpick in Montenegro

We chose this exact place because it is ideal for the restaurant location: the hill from the height of which overlooks a panoramic view of the valley is surrounded by mountains from all the sides. While working on the project, we were looking for a harmony of construction and nature, inherent in ancient megalithic structures. An architecture of the restaurant is born from simple stone constructions, organically inscribed in the body of the hill. The supports stand like the rock formations, emerging onto the surface of the mountain, a concrete slab covering the whole space is laid on them. At the same time, the hill’s structure remains practically unchanged, we only cut a fertile layer and get to the bedrock, where form the terraces out of the cliff. They are becoming a part of an interior riddled with a calm and safety, that reminds an atmosphere of a cave from which a spectator can admire the mountain scenery. Thus, our friendly integrate the building into the current natural context, making it a part of a landscape.

1628 m²
object area

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect

Karolina Sholokhova

project leader / senior architect

Anna Kochergina