Montenegro is our new building location.
The 5 th April 2016 we were invited to elaborate the private living house in Montenegro in small provincial city Rezhevichi. And here, what we had seen on the future building area.
The building area
The section situated in rocky landscape on Mediterranean seacoast. The relief is enough aggressive, which dictates his own laws and rules.
The segment situated near seacost
New landscape, light, and atmosphere. It’s surprising even so how the environment influences on an architectural image, which was born during the first impression of formed context .
The architecture of the village
The strict town-planning rules, usual for Rezhevichi building, dictate their own conditions, with which we have to be considered. Interesting, but limitations always bear new idea.
Finally consciousness has formed the issues:

1. Create modern house considering historical architectural context, formed in this territory, in order that modernity and historical elements flow together in the united harmonious composition.
2.Inscribe future building in plenty aggressive landscape in such a way, that building was not only a bright and detached masterpiece but also, it had to to suit the landscape.

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