The interior of the apartment in Saint Petersburg

Add the notes of the “nightclub” atmosphere to the living space, as well as keep the feeling of wide open spaces not cluttering the interior with massive furniture – those were the main aims in the process of decoration of the four-room apartment in Saint Petersburg. To solve them, we combined the kitchen with the dining room, put a bar counter with a cooking surface on their border and arranged a relaxation zone in the bay window – with the transparent hanging ball-chair designed by Eero Aarnio. In the dining area there is a visually lightweight convertible table; the facades of the kitchen of a rich gray-blue color contrast with the marble backsplash. Deep gray tones became the basis of the color scale, adding warm and dramatic notes to the interior. A bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom are located in the private part of the house. Besides, there is a kids’ room and a guest room in the apartment.

150 m²
object area

Oleg Pigulevsky

co-founder/ senior interior designer

Anastasia Kostandi

project leader / interior designer