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House in Podmoskovye

About the project

For separation the function of one large double-light space we decided to divide it on two. One – more light and laconic with natural materials and pure laconic forms, other is darker with emphasis on metal and slate in trimming of the room. One of the most important parts of the house is the stairway – it is a constructive and, at the same time, aesthetic dominant. The naked wood fence, the open light stairs, and glass balls dangling from the ceiling had made the image light and free. Bedroom and study room have become the one common space, which divides combined septum made from brick and glass and, in that time, when the area under the roof has been left opened and it is connected by lagging, which play not only constructive but functional role because all the lighting equipment is enshrined in it. In general, all rooms have one common conception, which not only discloses new edges every of them but, moreover, opens another language of pure design.

2018 г.
commissioning of the project
224 m²
object area