Interior of the office for IT company Ogetto

The appearance of the office becomes a tool for attracting young and talented professionals. The main idea of the interior is to create a comfortable atmosphere for employees who are passionate about their work, which often takes up most of their lives. Therefore, it was important for the company to create such conditions that employees go to work with pleasure, and the space itself serves as an inspiration for them. The structure of the building is closely intertwined with the structure of the landscape. Stained glass glazing in the interior and exterior of the building unites the interior with the exterior, so that the space changes with the seasons. The lanterns in the atrium and the alternating brick columns, assembled through complex layered masonry, create volume and a play of light and shadow. Four concrete cylinders penetrating the entire thickness of the forms are both a structural and communicative element, forming a complex geometric image of the interior and architecture. The emphasis on natural materials and neutral shades, emphasize the connection of the interior with the landscape. The space becomes a backdrop for living and comfortable work. To eliminate any visual noise, all engineering has been integrated into the concrete structures. Modern realities and the rhythm of the company dictate its own conditions of office organization. The planning structure of the building and the arrangement of furniture takes into account not only the freedom of communication between employees, but also the wishes for privacy of each workplace. To ensure the privacy of the workplaces from the busy city streets, gradient tinting of the first floor windows, reaching to the middle of the stained glass window, was provided. The active lifestyle of the company and the specifics of the time spent at work gave rise to such spaces as a restaurant, coffee-point, an amphitheater, a rehearsal room, recreation areas, a gym and a children's room. In addition to "open-space" spaces and cabinets, the office has several types of meeting rooms, which allows not only major conferences, but also small online negotiations.

3364 m²
object area

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect

Alexandra Kobiz

project leader / interior designer

Alexey Kolesnik

project leader / interior designer