The interior of the house in the cottage village 'Yantarny'

On the background of concrete walls and floors, we made the main interior elements, using natural wood, which is notable because of their warm shade. The contrast between warm and cold makes the area balanced for the view. An open staircase is an important functional and compositional element. This is a sculpture that has a practical necessity. It became a continuation of the overlap and, thus, connected with the first and second floors of the two-light room. The staircase partitions combine thin metal racks and wooden handrails. The wooden steps, which we turn from each other, visually make it lighter. The emphasis of the interior is on the wooden kitchen and wall panels in the living room. We divided the panel into smooth and milled parts, which give texture and volume to the surface, in virtue of the chiaroscuro. A wine refrigerator set on the wall, next to the TV, we supported it with an integrated shelf, which doors made of tinted glass.

207 m²
object area

Oleg Pigulevsky

co-founder/ senior interior designer

Anastasia Kostandi

project leader / interior designer

Elnara Radzhabova

interior designer