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The Interior of the House in townhouse village “Izumrudny”

About the project

team members

The arched windows and apertures in this two-story house inspired us on a combination of two hybrid styles, which seemed incombined at first sight. We had built the project using the traditional approaches, which work in connection with actual interior tendencies. We had used the natural material with fabulous textures and colors, what gave the interior a little bit of archaism. The combination of natural stone, warm colored wood, and difficult tones of grey have created the mystic atmosphere.

the year of project development: 2018

status: schematic design

310 m²
object area

Team members

Oleg Pigulevsky

co-founder/ senior interior designer

Liya Mamina

project leader / interior designer

Evgenia Anyukhovskaya

interior designer

Anna Voronova

interior designer