The landscape of the house in Rostov-on-Don

The landscape of the lot is designed in English style. A paved path leads from the gate to the house, along this path live hedges of privet are growing. At the entrance to the house simple, but stylish bushes are planted – two types of hydrangeas, tree-like and paniculate. In June, the first type of hydrangea begins to blossom, then it is replaced by the second type – lush inflorescences decorate the yard until October. By the same rule, the other plants were also selected, so that at any time of the year the garden remains "alive". Trees delight the eye with a bright seasonal palette: the crowns of sharp-leaved maple change their color to yellow, orange, reddish by the fall; the fan-shaped leaves of ginkgo acquire a beautiful bright orange shade. Garden furniture is designed in the style of a house, a peaceful view of the garden opens from the terrace.

124 aires
object area

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect

Denis Daragan

3d artist

Ekaterina Mezenova