The house landscape in Rybatsky village

In this project, we were eager to create the most spectacular landscape with a minimal level of costs. The garden base is unfussy long-standing flowers, herbs, and ethereal cereals that look aesthetically during any time of the year. There are green and bloomy plants during the summer and dried plants of gray-brown and golden tones during the winter. The plants' silhouette and shape played the primary role. We planted them in the same species groups. That creates an impressive visual effect and a dense, voluminous composition, like the one, we usually find in untouched nature. Every component in it delicately contrasts in texture, sheet shape, and color. We specifically kept away from bright, contrasting plants to get as close as possible to the natural landscape image. And the palette turned out to be quite restrained: it consists of all green, bluish-blue, and silver-gray shades.

17 aires
object area

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect

Karolina Sholokhova

project leader / senior architect

Dmitry Konovalov

project leader / architect

Anna Kochergina


Denis Elgin


Kirill Koptev