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The landscape of countryside house in the Republic of Crimea

About the project

team members

The desire to restore the connection with nature bear the idea to unite architecture and the natural landscape into one whole. Giving preference to the restrained aesthetics of minimalism, beautiful in its simplicity, natural elements reduce the sharpness of the line between internal and external. The architecture becomes a natural extension of the landscape, where any person feels safe. Active terrain has become a fundamental factor, where the idea of ​​all landscape had started. In the northern part of the site, we reserved the part of the natural gradient, reinforcing it with retaining walls. Here is a children's area with a swing under the decades-long pine trees, which had already grown on the site. A concrete staircase, which is a part of the relief, leads to the highest point of the hill. It surrounded by a cache-pot made with weathering steel, in which we planned to plant aromatic herbs. On the outdoor terrace with a dining area, all the residents of the house will gather. And above the parcel, there is a small area with a fire-pit, which is favorable for long evening conversations under the open sky.

the year of project development: 2019

status: schematic design

10 aires
object area

Team members

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect

Ekaterina Ivashchenko

project leader / interior designer

Dmitry Konovalov

project leader / architect

Kirill Koptev