The country house in the Rostov region

In the architecture of countryside house is based on the game with the contrasts: monumentality and lightness, traditions and modernity. Handmade bricks face the walls, which is effectively combined with huge panoramic windows. We have left naked the beams; the roof we made up the roof with toned wood. In spite of visual “transparency” of architecture, the house has a system of heating and that’s why it is capable for the real Russian winters: the heating is provided with convector under the windows, wall-type radiators and floor heating. One more interesting decision (simultaneously functional and decorative) — is integrated into a wall double-side fireplace: it heats and the guest's room and the terrace. Thus, emphasizing the idea of interpenetration between the exterior and interior. The panoramic windows fully supported this conception on the sides of fireplace and finishing of interior walls with the same textured brick, which we used for the façade.

390 m²
object area

Evgeny Zadorozhniy

founding partner / senior architect

Sergey Barilov

structural engineer
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