6 November 2016
Our project on official website of worldwide brand Marchie Group
We were very pleased to see our work on the official website, which manufactures one of the best kitchens in the world - Marchie Group. Thank for collaboration!
28 October 2016
Oleg Pigulevskiy and Evgeniy Zadorozhniy speech in front of Architectural academy students
Recently we have given a lecture for Architectural academy students and for everybody who is interested in this theme. There were a lot of people. We were telling about our projects, about the spec...
20 October 2016
The victory in federal contest The objectivity is inside 2015
The best project of the contest “Objectivity is inside 2015” in nomination “Realization of public interior” became the interior of dry-cleaning office in Podmoskoviye, which was made by our company...
20 October 2016
Studio Chado in selection of RBK - real estate
The editorial office of RBK-real estate has chosen 5 various small offices with design issues, which has no more than 200 square meters. These offices were nominated for different interior awards a...
20 October 2016
Planning of touristic territory and hotel chain developing in Sardinia Island
In collaboration with Italian developers company Dimore Esclusive S.r.L. we engage in the development of touristic sphere and opening up the Territory of Sardinia Island.Now it is Nebida, the regio...
19 October 2016
Montenegro is our new building location.
The 5 th April 2016 we were invited to elaborate the private living house in Montenegro in small provincial city Rezhevichi. And here, what we had seen on the future building area. The section situ...
19 October 2016
The publication on the hugest web platform devoted to architecture.
 The project of the country house in Rostov region was honored of publications in the best projects feed.Archdaily is portal of architectural life. The latest and interesting information connected ...
19 October 2016
Evgeniy Zadorozhniy has presented studio Chado in Bologna in within the project “Home& Living in Russia”
Home&Living in Russia is a project which dedicated to studying Italian businessmen foreign markets which are connected with the world of architecture and design. The main purpose of a project i...
12 July 2016
The next working step in Sardinia has come.
The next working step in Sardinia has come. It required more detailed tasks studying, extra elaborations of different casters between touristic, restaurant and business.The picture shows us elabora...
19 February 2016
Win on the Home & Family home magazine IV Interior award.
The country-house in Rostov region took 1-st prize on the Home & Family home magazine IV Interior award in "Private houses" nomination.